Terms & Conditions


So glad you’re visiting Teddy Bears & Friends! Here is some information:

First of all, please note that you don’t have to create an account to order items from this website.

All prices are in Euros (€ / EUR). I try to set the prices according to the current value I know of the particular item.

Most items on this website are available for immediate delivery otherwise they are clearly marked as on hold or sold. Occasionally I’m not able to mark items sold immediately and I hope this does not cause too much upset.

All items are sold on the secondary market. They are all part of a private collection and have never been played with or used in any way (any exceptions from this will be clearly stated in the product description). Most items have been stored in wardrobes. They come from a non-smoking environment. I will always try to describe the items as accurate as possible. If not in MINT or PERFECT condition, the items are never less than in a condition described as EXCELLENT (any exceptions from this will be, as said before, clearly stated in the product description). I will always try to describe any damage visible to my eyes as accurate as possible. Photos will be available of any damage that may occur.


Default payment is by PayPal. The e-mail address that will occur in the PayPal payments is order (at) marieapril3.com. You might also want to visit marieapril3.com (website currently under construction).

If you on the other hand don’t want to use PayPal, please contact me so that we can arrange for payment by an international bank transfer to my Swedish bank account in Nordea Bank AB, Sweden.

If you want to learn more about the two different payment options available before making your choice, please let me know!


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic deliveries are being affected. For current information, please check the Postnord corona updates.

All items are sent by PostNord, Sweden (former “Posten”, Sweden) using the PostNord Standard or Registered Airmail, PostNord International (and Domestic) Parcel services and EMS International Express, or by DHL Package (Sweden and EU) or DHL Express Easy (Worldwide).

For deliveries with PostNord the following applies: All packages over 2 kgs (approx. 4.40 lbs) are sent with the Parcel Services, and automatically receive an ID/tracking-number. There is no shipping insurance option available for items sold on the secondary market, but the package should be trackable through its ID-number. Items sent with PostNord Standard Airmail (i.e. items weighing under 2 kgs / 4.40 lbs) do not receive an ID/tracking-number. In these cases I strongly suggest you to choose Registered Airmail at an extra cost of €10.00, or they will be sent at your own risk.

All products are arranged in three different classes according to weight and bulkiness: Small (e.g. Sylvanian Families items, and Mini Teddy Bears), Medium-sized (e.g. small, and medium-sized Teddy Bears), and Large items (e.g. larger Teddy Bears, Dolls, and Sylvanian Families’ Buildings). Shipping is arranged in three different zones: Sweden (Domestic), Europe, and Rest of the World. Shipping costs are then automatically quoted according to these classes and destination. For each additional item from the same product class there is a minor extra shipping cost (this extra cost is ranging between €1 and €10, and is based on product class and shipping zones).

  • Sweden:
    • Small items: €10 + €1 for each additional item.
    • Medium-sized items: €15 + €1 for each additional item.
    • Large items: €20 + €5 for each additional item.
  • Europe:
    • Small items: €10 + €2.50 for each additional item. 
    • Medium-sized items: €15 + €5 for each additional item.
    • Large items: €20 + €10 for each additional item.
  • Rest of the World:
    • Small items: €10 + €5 for each additional item.
    • Medium-sized items: €20 + €5 for each additional item.
    • Large items: €25 + €10 for each additional item.
  • Free shipping on all orders with a minimum order amount of €750.

All orders and dispatch details will be confirmed by e-mail. I aim to dispatch your goods within 48 – 72 hours after receiving cleared payment.

Please note that shipping is not included in the prices shown on the website. Shipping will, as said above, be calculated according to weight and bulkiness (product class), and destination (shipping zones).


I have a layaway scheme for purchases totalling over €200.00. Here is how it works: You select an item (or items) that you wish to buy. Send me an order by filling the form under Contact and a deposit of 25% of the whole sum (I will send you a PayPal Money Order regarding the deposit). You can then pay the balance over the following 3 months. I will ship your order when paid for in full (including postage/shipping costs).

Please note that this is a binding contract, and deposits are non-refundable when contracts are not completed as agreed.

To use my layaway service, please contact me first as described above, and I will discuss the details with you. It’s that easy!


The items sold on this website are all part of a private collection, and sold on the secondary market. I always try to explain as carefully as possible the condition of each item as well as any flaws or damages, both in description and photographs. I do not offer returns, but you are welcome to inquire further if there is anything you are wondering about before placing an order.

If you have paid for an item, but change your mind and would like to cancel your purchase before I have shipped your item(s) (usually within 1-2 days after payment), please let me know as soon as possible. I will then make a full refund except for the PayPal fees that I have been charged.

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If you ever experience any problems when browsing around on my website, or when you try to purchase something, please send me a line, and I’ll be happy to help out!

I want my website to be as easy as possible to browse and navigate. Your opinion – good or bad – on every matter is much appreciated. I’m happy to receive feedback!

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