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ON HOLD! – Teddy B & Teddy G with Book #1, Suitcase and Accessories – Seymour Eaton Characters – Dottie A. Ayers / The Calico Teddy – 1990s

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Teddy B and Teddy G with book, suitcase and accessories by Dottie A. Ayers / The Calico Teddy, Baltimore, MD, US sometime during the 1990s. The two boys are based on the characters Teddy B and Teddy G by Seymour Eaton (1859–1916). Teddy B and Teddy G are registered trademarks of Dottie A. Ayers t / a The Calico Teddy.

The B for black or brown, you see / Or bright or bold or brave or boss, / He was always kind and seldom cross.

The G for Grizzly or gray or gay, / for he was as full of fun as a bear can be. / Not B for bad and G for good / The black bear wanted it understood.

(from Book #1 The Travels and Adventures of Teddy B & Teddy G – The Roosevelt Bears presented by Dottie A. Ayers)

Seymour Eaton of Landsdown, Pennsylvania was a well known teacher and writer of books on business and scholarly subjects. However, in 1904, he created a series of stories for children about two comical bruins called “Teddy B & Teddy G, The Roosevelt Bears”. These stories were featured in the Sunday supplement, comic section of more than twenty newpapers. The tales were written in verse form and richly illustrated. The became very popular. Ads for the books in 1906 stated that “More than a million children, including President Roosevelt’s own boys, and tens of thousands of “grown-ups” have already enjoyed the stories as it appeared in serial form in the daily newspapers.” The characters of Teddy B and Teddy G were so popular that many products bearing their image were produced, lithographs, postcards, china, clothing, etc. The book editions continued to be published. In our time, Teddy B and Teddy G books and memorabilia are highly prised collectibles, and the stories are timeless treasures. Seymour Eaton deserves a huge thanks for his contribution to the popularity of the Teddy Bear.

Teddy B and Teddy G both measures approx. 30 cm / 12″.  Teddy G is made of finest greyish white mohair and wears blue dungarees / overall (he is very mischievous and often like to unbutton one of the buttons), while Teddy B is made of finest dark brown mohair and wears the same outfit but in light beige (note that he is a little bit more neat than his cheeky brother). They have their names embroidered in red. Both boys have Zotty-fashioned open mouths with their tounges sticking out, black button eyes and black embroidered nose and claws. They have felted paw pads, and are able to stand. They are fully jointed.

Their suitcase is made of black artificial leather with brown details and measures approx. 35 x 19,5 x 18,5 cm / 13 x 7,5 x 7 inches. One of the straps is broken, but the boys have the buckle. They keep several accessories inside their suitcase, and two sheets of stickers that are supposed to be pasted to the suitcase. They have already put some of them onto the bag. Included in the suitcase is also the first story about the boys: Book #1 The Travels and Adventures of Teddy B & Teddy G – The Roosevelt Bears presented by Dottie A. Ayers.

The bears come in excellent condition. They have been living in their suitcase in a non-smoking environment and are now looking for a new loving home. They are eagerly waiting to tell you about all their adventures!