Daddey – Steiff – 7 Steiff Festival of Giengen Bear Year 2003 – Limited edition – EAN 655685

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Gorgeous “Daddey” by Steiff. 7th Festival of Giengen Bear year 2003. Limited edition of 3,000 pieces. This is number 1778. Daddey is the third family member in the “Zotty-like Family Series” by Steiff for the Giengen Festival. Earlier bears in “the family” are Daddeys sons Sandey and Candey and later is Mommey. Handmade in Germany. EAN 655685. White tag and button in ear trademark. Paper tag on chest still attached. Certificate. (The Giengen bears come without boxes.)

Daddey is made of finest greyish off-white long-haired mohair with light grey chest and light beige felt pads. He has a “Zotty” open mouth. Black claws, black details and black emboidered nose. Black shoe button eyes with light beige felt on bottom. Sparkling blue bow. Growler. Embroidered in blue on left foot pad is 7. Steiff Festival Giengen 2003.

Measures approx. 35 cm / 13,7 inches.

Daddey is part of a private collection. He is now looking for a new loving home.

This is a collector’s item.

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