Teddy Bear Casimir – by Gunilla M. von Corswant – Ltd. ed. – Handmade in Sweden


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This little bear was sold at the National Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden in the early 2000s. Hand made in a very small limited edition by Swedish artist Gunilla M. von Corswant.

Casimir is so cute and even if he is meant to be a bear he also reminds me of a little dog or maybe even more a charming little troll.

He is made of curly greyish-black sheep wool. He has no moveable limbs and needs some help to stand up. He measures 19 cm / 7,50 inches.

He comes in perfect condition with his original heart-shaped black paper label still around his neck and insewn label on back.

Casimir has had only one grown-up collector / owner. He has been living with other bears and dolls in a wardrobe. He is now looking for a new loving home.

This is a collector’s item.

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